Opinion in a Pinch


frequently asked questions

How quickly can I receive content?

It depends on the scope of your project. We prefer to have some lead time for research, but if you need something quickly, even in just a few hours, we can usually make it happen.

do you have a confidentiality Statement?

If you want confidentiality, we will not share your relationship with Opinion in a Pinch. For some clients we write this into a contract, for others, our word is our bond. Some clients are happy to let others know that they've worked with our team of experts. But we understand that that doesn't work for everyone.

Aren't all opinions equally valid?

"It's just my opinion" is a cop-out for people who don't want to put the effort into testing their opinion and presenting it well. Some opinions are just gut reactions to things. Other opinions, the useful ones, are based on careful analysis of the facts. We specialize in the latter.

Will you write any opinion that I ask for?

Yes! We don't judge. We are adept at writing viewpoints that fall anywhere from liberal to conservative and from libertarian to socialist. Sometimes we even write both sides of the same issue on the same day for different clients. There's a line somewhere, but we haven't been asked to cross it yet.

How much does an editorial or other project cost?

We have an affordable rate structure for standard projects and hourly rates when that works better. For special projects, we'll work with you in advance to figure out what fits in your budget.

Is this plagiarism?

No. Plagiarism is intellectual theft. At Opinion in a Pinch, we collaborate with you to present your ideas. You haven't stolen anything; you've only turned to some experts to maximize the impact of your message. Some of our regular clients at newspapers think of us as auxiliary editorial board members.

When you have a toothache, you go to a dentist. When you want to express your opinion well, ask the experts at Opinion in a Pinch for help.