Put the brakes on the per-mile vehicle tax

America’s roads and bridges are crumbling. Historically, motorists have paid for roads with a gas tax, but it has not kept pace with inflation, nor with fuel-efficient hybrid and electric cars that use little to no gas. Some states therefore are considering charging per mile instead of per gallon.

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A century of sunlight in the fight against government secrecy

Lights play an important role in most winter holidays. Celebrants burn yule logs, place stars atop trees and light candles to hold back the darkness during these longest nights. Perhaps, then, it was no coincidence that a century of shining sunlight on government was born at this time of year.

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The future is a bust

On Wednesday, Americans should be on the lookout for a teenage boy, a wild-haired scientist and a sheepdog. They’ll be flying a DeLorean and accelerating to 88 miles per hour.

If those sentences made sense to you, congratulations, you’re approaching or have reached middle age … or you’ve turned your film nostalgia up to 11.

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Moments of peace after Virginia Tech tragedy

How does one respond? The magnitude of the horror defies rational reaction. One minute the worst thing on your mind is a tree that blew over in the previous night's wind storm. The next minute, Southwest Virginia is shattered.

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